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Drop-Off Zone



Historically, the area outside our school had been used illegally as a drop off and pick up zone, where some parents and carers continued to ignore road markings, signage and even the involvement of Parking Attendants. The lives of our pupils were endangered every day by illegal parking outside of school at both the beginning and end of the day. Not only was this damaging the local environment and causing ill feeling with the local residents but more importantly, it posed a significant safeguarding issue which we wanted to eradicate. In an ideal world, we would have had Parking Attendants and PCSOs outside the school every morning, but this was obviously not possible and even with this intervention, we were still not able to stop parents parking on the double yellow lines. The resulting build-up of traffic that this caused in the local area was a health and safety risk for everyone and so we decided to do something about it!


Some years ago, we worked together with parents, the local authority and our Safer Neighbourhood Team to run a trial of a drop off zone. It was incredibly successful and as a result, we now offer this service every morning. This is how it works…


When does it operate? 

Each morning, between 8.15 and 8.45 am, there is a dedicated area for drop off. This is on the outer edge of the turning circle, in front of the bus stop. The area is large enough to accommodate 3-4 vehicles. Before and after these times, the drop off is not in operation and there are no staff to supervise the children.


How does it work?                                                                                                                                                           

Parents drive up to the area and stop. The children get out of the car on the side of the pavement, helped by our staff or parent helpers. We encourage them not to get out of the car on the side of the road and the idea is that parents remain in the car at this time. The children wait on the pavement with our staff/volunteers and the parent then leaves. Once we have approximately 5-10 pupils waiting, a member of staff escort the children onto the school grounds via the Junior Playground. We have members of staff waiting in the playground to supervise them until the bell rings. Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are kept under close supervision by staff in a specific section, whereas  KS2 pupils may play elsewhere in the playground. When the bell rings, pupils in Reception, Y1 and Y2 are escorted to their classrooms by three different members of staff.


If any parents or carers are available to help during the drop off each morning, then they should contact Bev Shaw in the School Office.

Modeshift STARS


Modeshift STARS is the national schools' award scheme that has been established to recognise schools that have demonstrated excellence in supporting cycling, walking and other forms of sustainable travel. The scheme encourages schools across the country to join in a major effort to increase levels of sustainable and active travel in order to improve the health and well-being of children and young people.   


The Eco Warriors are currently working towards the Bronze level.  Our school demonstrates a commitment to promoting sustainable transport and has been able to identify travel issues and solutions as well as delivering a range of travel initiatives. 


Please click on the links below to see our new Travel Plan or to find out more about the Modeshift STARS scheme.