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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5




Portraits - pupils focus on different facial expressions and create artwork based on the work of Peter McKee.

Volcanic printmaking - pupils experiment to create their own volcanic landscape print.

Greek Pottery - pupils create their own pottery designs linked to their history topic about the Ancient Greeks. 




Pupils use the Purple Mash scheme of work and cover topics such as coding, online safety, spreadsheets and databases, game creator, modelling and concept mapping.




Food Technology - culture and seasonality.  Pupils use Formbox to create seasonal treats to sell at the Christmas Fair.

Frame Structures - pupils design and create their adventure playground using frame structures.

Mechanical Systems - pulleys or gears.  As part of their geography topic about rivers, pupils design and create a swing bridge. 




How do volcanoes affect the lives of people? The pupils learn about the inhabitants of Hiemaey and compare and contrast the human and physical aspects of geography.

What is a river? The children look at the journey of a river from source to mouth and link their learning to the local area of Sheffield and the River Don.

Why are mountains so important? The pupils look at a range of different ranges around the world and compare these to those found in the UK, including local Mam Tor.




In Year 5, we carry out a local history study, looking at Sheffield and the impact of steel, linked to the spread of railways. We also go back further in time to Ancient Greece, focusing on Greek life and the achievements during this period.  




Boy in a Girls' Bathroom; newspaper reports and diary entries


Radio adverts and leaflets; narrative Poetry

Greek myths and legends

Formal and informal letters

Kensuke's Kingdom - trigger and adventure stories;

Non-chronological reports and science ficiton writing linked to our solar system

The Highwayman - discussion texts




Click here for the programmes of study for Key Stage 1 and 2. 




Recycling and expanding vocabulary from Y3 and Y4; directions; common places (post office, supermarket, library etc); asking and explaining where something is; more food items; ordering in a restaurant; simple connectives (but, too, and etc).

Children fine-tune listening skills by listening to a native speaker having simple conversations. They are also encouraged to use a bilingual dictionary to experiment with.




Music is taught through the Charanga scheme of work. Pupils learn a range of skills through different pieces of music, such as:

Living on a Prayer - singing and playing instruments

Christmas Carols

Learning to play percussion instruments in a Samba



Children build on their experiences in the previous year groups for gymnastics and dance, creating more complicated routines and movements as well as building a greater understanding of games involving balls, nets, courts, teams and specific sports such as basketball, hockey and cricket. Athletics plays a big part in the children's learning in preparation for the district athletics competition in the summer.


Aut 1 Aut 2 Spr 1 Spr 2 Sum 1 Sum 2
Athletics      Gymnastics      Dance     Orienteering    Yoga Fitness
     Basketball      Tag Rugby      Dogdeball      Hockey      Volleyball            Cricket      




Being Me in my World - pupils learn about their own personalities and feeling

Celebrating Difference - pupils learn to understand and appreciate that everyone is different

Dreams and Goals - pupils set their own targets for the things they want to achieve in the future

Healthy Me - pupils learn about life routines, healthy eating and hygiene

Relationships - pupils learn about different types of relationships and friendships

Changing Me - pupils look at how they have changed over the year and get ready for the next chapter of their lives




We follow the Sheffield SACRE scheme of work for RE. As part of this work in all year groups we celebrate the festivals of children within our school in every year group, particularly Christmas and Eid.  




Animals Including Humans

Earth and Space


Properties and Changes of Materials

All Living Things


Click here for the programmes of study